Day 1. Feburary 1st, 199X.

I've officially begun my work in my very own laboratory in Greece. No one knows the location as I've planned, and from what I'm able to tell I'm quite close to the location of his death. Though...finding the skeleton will be harder than just being here itself I think.

I will not falter, however. I am close - I can feel it. My research has gone on for this long, I cannot give up no matter the difficulties.

My dear Koios... I've spent so long looking for you, and now here you are. So close to me… almost right in sight. I can almost feel your presence

That's all I have to speak of in this log. Koios, may we meet soon.

- Your Creator

Day 2. Feburary 2nd, 199X.

Adjusting to living here has been rough. I don't know much Greek, having had others translate what I needed in the past, and I can't go out often. It's only been a day and I feel I may not be able to survive like this.

However... I know it will be worth it for Koios.

I am able to buy food easily enough. The residents in the town nearby just take me for the “silent type” (To be quite frank, they aren't wrong. I've never liked talking much.) and don't question me just handing money in exchange for the food and wares they sell.

But I definitely did not think this part of it all through. I was, of course, focused on Koios.

That's all I have to speak of today. Koios, may we meet soon.

- Your Creator

Day 3. Feburary 3rd, 199X.

Progress has been made in my research of Forbidden Magic, but I'm not sure if it is the best idea to dabble in it. I'm willing to do what it takes to revive Koios when the time comes… but I worry for myself. The Gods do not look fondly on usage of this magic, and if the Greek Government found out my location… I fear the worst would happen.

If I can find another way with pure science and just a bit of magic - of the less forbidden kind - I will go that route. If not, I will do what I have to.

I will begin searching for his skeleton tomorrow. That is all. Koios, may we meet soon.

- Your Creator

Day 4. Feburary 4th, 199X.

The search for Koios body has been grueling on my body, to say the least. As a rather admittedly small man who can't lift most of his laboratories equipment, digging around at the late hours looking for a 2000 year old skeleton isn't the easiest thing. I'm not entirely sure this is even the right spot, as it's hard to geographically guess from historical documents or even looking at times past with my own eyes. Buildings change, landscapes are different. Time will tell whether I'm right or not, I suppose.

When you find this one day Koios, as I know you will, the lengths I went for you are not able to be stated in these logs. I've left my life, with the few people I knew now refusing to speak to me when they learned of my plan. My parents… were long gone. You are all I have now. But I'm fine with that. You are all I need, after all.

Koios, may we meet soon.

- Your Creator