Day 7. Feburary 7th, 199X.

Today I needed a break from searching, so I decided to reread some documents written about Koios. Some by myself, some by historians. He has been deemed Koios The Immortal since the beginning of his streak of killings with not a scratch to his body, and I find the name has quite the new meaning once I finish reviving him. You will be like the Gods the people of Ancient Greece worshiped after this, I'm sure of it, Koios.

The way the historians have framed him puts me off quite a bit. I'm aware that it has been very, very long and they had to piece his history from broken remains of Ancient Greece, but the phrasing still puts me off. His history isn't the best, I admit that, but deeming him only a ruthless mass murderer seems cruel to me.

I've seen your past, Koios. I can empathize with you deeply. You don't know how much of my life I see in yours.

Koios, may we meet soon.

- Your Creator