Day 14. Feburary 14th, 199X.

My dear Koios, it is Saint Valentines today. Though it may be hard to celebrate now - considering your skeletal state - I hope in the future we may celebrate it together, with your body restored.

For now, I dine alone on a cheap dinner I was able to scrap enough change to buy. Your skeleton's hollowed eyes watching me as I eat. It feels like you really are there though, alive. Maybe I've gone mad at this point?

... Oh well, that's not something I feel the need to mind. All I need to focus on is you, Koios.

I haven't done much work today to celebrate the day of Saint Valentines, but I will swiftly go back to it tomorrow, I promise.

... And before I forget, I've taken a photo of me and you on a camera I had lying around. I can't wait to give you physically it when you are alive, but for now I'll have it here.

- Your Creator