Koios, The Immortal and Euclid, The Mighty.

Unknown Author from Ancient Greece, translated to English. Errors are possible.

Site Owner Note: I presume this Epic was written by someone who was not alive during Koios terror, or was too young at that point. There was no Euclid that murdered Koios, but perhaps Euclid is a culmination of all that did murder him?

In the city of Athens there was a man named Koios - A foul man, a traitor.
Koios was a ravenous murder of all who stood in front of him, a destroyer of many villages.
No one dared to stand up to him, no one dared to lay a scratch.
Any who tried found their lives were gone in a flash, after all.
He had grown a mass of enemies, though.
The people who's men died fighting Koios, the one man army.
Who died fighting Koios, The Immortal.
Among his enemies stood Euclid.
Euclid was a mighty warrior who took down traitors faster than the eye could see.
He would be the one to take down Koios.
A day's journey, a day's planning and Euclid found his way to Koios domain.
Koios was unaware and vulnerable, sleeping under vines and vines aplenty.
The death was swift - Koios had been immortal no more.
Euclid, The Mighty, laughed.
Soon the city of Athens found out about this news - with Euclid showing the body for all to see.
A celebration was held for days and nights.
The fear of Koios was no more.
Euclid freed the city from that man for good.

More to come later. Transcripting is in progress.