READ MORRIS WONDERFUL REVIEWS! 5 STAR AVERAGE! | MORRIS truly is a wonderful helper. MORRIS has saved my life with remembering tasks. - 5/5 from Ishmael | Takes up little space on your computer and does so much! A wonder in technology! - 5/5 from Adel | A fun, helpful assistant for your computer! - 5/5 Ida | TXVyZGVyZXI= - 0/5 from VGhlIENyZWF0b3I= | GREAT HELPER. - 5/5 from Robert Kyle | The conversations with MORRIS feel real, it's like I'm talking to a living person. - 5/5 from Pingas | Great hlp 4 work. - 5/5 from Munin | Helps me remember my daily wizarding tasks, now I never forget to ponder my orb. - 5/5 from Death Wizard | Lovely companion for the computer! - 5/5 from Mr. A | Tried to ████ ██ ███████ ███ ███████. I don't know how but do ███ use this - █/5 from ███ | Silly. - 5/5 from Ariah | Kept my tasklist for my bakery, very helpful. - 5/5 from V | 👁 | Has great music recommendations. - 5/5 from Shirakawa Jin

Created in the 1990s and freshly updated, MORRIS is a virtual assistant for all your Internet needs! The MORRIS program is a fun way to spice up your daily tasks or just have a computer to talk to! Users have deemed the MORRIS computer helper made their work 10x more productive and life less stressful!

Morris has many features that you can use for your day to day life. Here are just a few:

Music Recommendations. MORRIS music taste can be selected to fit your needs.
Personal conversations - for when you get lonely. Tell him all about yourself!
Search Engine capability. Search for your favorite sites with MORRIS!
Daily Reminders and Schedules!

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